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“A frequent presenter and panelist

on British television, Ryan has

the confident delivery of an American,

the dry reserve of a Brit,

and the likability of all things Canadian.” 

- Exclaim Magazine


"This Canadian abroad is the

UK’s 2017 breakout star.

Katherine recently garnered rave reviews

as the presenter and writer of Channel 4's

critically acclaimed prime time series,

How Did You Get So Rich? and also

regularly appears on all the UK's

major panel shows - from BBC's QI, 

Have I Got News For You and

Live at the Apollo, to

Dave's Taskmaster and Channel 4's

8 Out of 10 Cats as well

as co-hosting Comedy Central's upcoming

Your Face or Mine with Jimmy Carr. 


As seen on Conan O'Brien, Lip Sync Battle,

and Instagram, Katherine Ryan

brings her brand new stand-up show,

Glitter Room, home to J.F.L.”

- Just For Laughs


"Audiences note that Katherine exudes a wholesome sweetness,

making her edgy, in-your-face material even more shocking. 

Her look says 'piano recital'.

Her mouth says 'choke on your mother's implants'.  

Truly an irreverent treat for the whole family."  

- IMDb Mini Biography


"You Think You Got A Dick Better Than Christmas?"

“What does Canada’s first

woman to have a

worldwide Netflix special have

in common with Britain’s first

woman to have a

worldwide Netflix special?


They are both single mothers

with too many pets.

And they are both

Katherine Ryan."  


"I hate to say it

but I think that as a lady,

you do have to prove yourself

a little bit more.  


When I started open mic-ing,

I worked at the Hooters next door

to the comedy club.  


I didn't want to be a comedian

at that time but I just thought

stand-up would be fun,

like a little exercise.  


So after my shift ended sometimes

I would go next door

to the comedy club – still in

the uniform but with

a hoodie – and get

on stage for just five minutes.  


I was awful."